18 Dec 2017 
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Technical Issues (10) "The Morry Method" Products Questions (99)
How to save files on your computer?How to burn audio files on CDs?Why should you burn the recordings to CD or place them on an MP3 or iPod type player?Are MP3’s good enough quality and can you convert the recordings to other formats?Can noise cancelling headphones be used?What is the difference between the CD and MP3 versions?How do you place the recordings on an iPhone/iPod/iPad?Can you stream the recordings online?Stereo sound test for headphones…Can you download directly to your iPod/iPad/iPhone or other smart device?more topics
General Brainwave Entrainment Questions (8)
Why are isochronic and monaural tones much better than binaural’s? Here is a list of the main neurochemicals that Brainwave Entrainment has been Shown to positively affect…What about pets and brainwave entrainment?What about using brainwave entrainment with symptoms of epilepsy, seizures and migraines?What is the relation between cortisol, stress and brainwave entrainment?What is the difference between Isochronic and Monaural Tones?What about using brainwave entrainment with dyslexia?Why should there be no background noises/effects or music in real brainwave entrainment technology… more topics
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